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Amount of floors

Amount of underground levels

Amount of parking places

Project type
Blocks of flats
CJSC "Don-Stroy Invest"
Tech. customer
Direction of capital construction
Arch. Bureau
APB Tromos
98 400 sq.m.
Year finished

Residential complex GRAND DELUXE

about the project

Plyushchikha … place, soulful history is closely associated with the great names of the Russian intelligentsia. It seems that every street here remembers the steps of famous writers, artists and scientists, liking Plyushchikha in XVIII-XX centuries: Tolstoy, Fet, Surikov, White, Savrasov, Burdenko, Kandinsky, Khodasevich … Here, surrounded by mansions and temples, in silence cozy green courtyards still living atmosphere great era.

Quarter around Pluschikha has invaluable to Moscow feature: despite the fact that it is the historical center (only two kilometers from the Kremlin), here barely penetrates the urban hustle and bustle. Silence enveloped in green lanes to a thoughtful and unhurried enjoyment of life.
Residents «GRAND DELUXE at Plyushchikha” will only have to choose a favorite place for walking: 100 meters from the house is a park Maiden field, and 10 minutes unhurried pace – ponds of the Novodevichy Convent and the park “Trubetskoy Manor.”
«GRAND DELUXE» in the title at home – not just a beautiful combination of words. This is a reflection of the special status and lifestyle are created on the model of the world Hotel in luxury. Passing graceful gates with exclusive “coat of arms”, you find yourself in an area where there is a classic luxury. The architecture of the house read subtly reinterpreted style respectable mansions of the XIX century: clear lines of colonnades and porches shaded by noble facade warmth of natural stone and spectacular mosaics and wrought-iron lace balconies under windows gives the building a lightness and grace. In an author’s design of interiors it is also a classic style – a fine harmony of shapes and colors, the natural beauty of natural stone and wood, discreet luxury of exclusive furniture and decorative elements. Spacious central hall resembles a grand lobby noble residence – here you and your guests at any time of the day are friendly concierge, and arranged for the visitors a comfortable waiting area.
Apartments «GRAND DELUXE at Plyushchikha” – this is the perfect space to create a luxurious interior of your dreams. Spacious rooms with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows are great for entertaining. Private area bedrooms and children’s rooms are removed from the entrance and have private bathrooms. The apartment has beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The upper floor of the house occupied by apartments with winter gardens and open-air terraces, allowing the owner to feel personal mansion in the center of the city. The private terrace allows you to organize a luxurious garden, arrange brilliant secular receptions in the open air, or simply enjoy the view of the city, literally lying at your feet.

Project Participants

Andrei Trofimov
Andrei Trofimov

Ekaterina Skorobeeva
Ekaterina Skorobeeva

Head hunter

Adress: Moscow, est. 4-4A Pogodinskaya st.

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