01/02/2012 ,
Советник мэра Москвы Владимир Ресин поздравил компанию, & Quot; GP СМУ №2 & Quot; с успешной записи строительства храма в честь святого Спиридона

:"SVARGO groups" as part of the state order started construction of municipal buildings in the city of Zelenograd (Zelenograd, Kryukovo, 20 md., Room 2038, 2040). In recent years, in Zelenograd is actively developing the construction sector of the economy: reconstructed old buildings, individual projects are being built new homes. Grows 20 th district. According to the designer's idea, the body houses 2038.2040 should be dominated by the surrounding buildings. All of them will be single-section 21-storey building with residential spaces on the ground floor where you plan to place the offices of social services institutions and commercial enterprises.

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