11/01/2012 ,
The company "SVARGA group" embarked on a program of "National Garage"

In 2008 the Government of Moscow has been developed and approved by the target program for the construction of garages – parking in the city of Moscow, called the "People's garage." Currently, the program entered a phase of active implementation. Developer to use objects of the garage is the State Unitary Enterprise of Moscow "Management of the construction and operation of the garage use." The "Public garage" was initiated to ensure that Muscovites comfortable places of storage and parking. The company "GP SMU №2", part of the construction company "SVARGO groups" has been selected general contractor 12 garage facilities use in the East, Northeast, West, South-West districts of the capital. In January 2012 the construction of parking garages, located at the following addresses: str. Pestel, vl.6 (NEAD), st. Welding, ow. 3a (HLW), st. West, a garage № 1,2,3 (HLW), st. Novokosinskaya, ow. 12, since 7 (HLW), st. Chelyabinsk, ow. 9-11 (HLW), st. Production, ow. 25 (UAB).

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